Rollei Digibase CN200 Pro: First Attempt

So, I finally finished my first roll of this stuff. I like it. It has a certain look. It’s like the 80’s or something. Some of the pictures have sort of a magenta shade to them, but it works somehow. The colors are not in your face, and the grain is nice. This, however, is not really a “fine grained” film that Rollei claims it is. The light-guiding clear polyester base only managed to destroy one of my pictures, and that was after loading the film inside the house during the day with the lights off. The other destroyed ones were from my own lack of talent. Enjoy.


A Few Good Pictures…

A few months back, I went do R Mountain near Rexburg, Idaho. It seemed like a good idea to lug my GW690III up the thing. In the end, all the pictures were cropped because the “pro” lab didn’t have a scanner that could deal with the full 6×9. Anyway, I was able to correct the contrast on these three pictures. The rest were just so-so. These were all taken on Portra 400. Enjoy.