Kodak Gold 200 & Olympus XA: Both a new experience

Here are some of my latest photos taken on Kodak Gold 200. I bought a bunch on clearance at the local Target, and I was eager to try it out. This was also my first roll through my new very pocketable Olympus XA. They turned out pretty well. These here are the best of the bunch.

Gold 200 seems to be a pretty straight-forward film that is not really tailored to any sort of look. I find that it’s quite accurate to what things really look like, but it does present both warm and cold tones in an interesting way – sort of “fire and ice”, if you will. It is also a tad on the grainy side, which isn’t inherently bad. It all depends on taste.

The XA performed well, as well. The 35mm (or 28…? I don’t remember) lens isn’t my usual tool, and it’s an interesting perspective. Plenty sharp. The light meter is reasonably accurate. It gives you what you need for a usable negative.



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