Just One


This little twiggy thing came out nearly exactly how I imagined. That’s always satisfying.


A Venture into Moving Pictures

Here are a couple of videos of some super 8 footage I shot recently. It’s quite thrilling to get a roll back from the lab and run it through my little hand-crank edotor (don’t have a proper projector that works). These two videos were scanned on my V700 and each frame was cropped by hand. I know… I have no life, right?

This first one was me doing really slow fighting moves while filming at a slow frame rate. The playback is at 24 frames per second. I think it looks almost realistic, but you can judge for yourself.

Fight Scene Proof of Concept from Patrick Lewis on Vimeo.

This next one is just some, as I like to call it, “steady walking”. Alas, there was plenty of camera shake.

Walking behind someone handheld practise from Patrick Lewis on Vimeo.